About Dad Dancing

The Dad Dancing show was created and choreographed by Rosie Heafford, Alexandrina Hemsley and Helena Webb in collaboration with their dads

Adrian, David and Andy. The project is produced by Battersea Arts Centre. Co-commissioned by South East Dance and Battersea Arts Centre


Creative Team

Director & Choreographer Rosie Heafford, Alexandrina Hemsley, Helena Webb

Producers (For BAC) Sophie Drury-Bradey, Rosie Scudder, Christie Hill & Nassy Konan

Supporting Cast Assistants Conrad Murray (London), Sarah Kearney (Brighton), Honor Hoskins (Gloucester), Jade Campbell (Paignton), Katie McGarry (Ramsgate)

Lighting Designer Dan Saggars 

Set & Installation Designer Becky-Dee Trevenen 

Post-Show Facilitator Conrad Murray 

Sound Editor Ethan Hudson 

Production Manager Pip Robinson & Ethan Hudson

Company Stage Manager Laura Hammond 

Find out more about the creative team and their dads here: Biographies



Core Cast: Rosie Heafford, Adrian Heafford, Helena Webb, Andy Webb, Alexandrina Hemsley, David Hemsley

London Supporting Cast: Carl Chamberlin, Bruce Currie, Kim Gill, Peter Gordon, Louise Gordon, Philip Heath, Vincent Heath Nicholls, My Jonnasson, Coco Maertens, Marion Maertens, Danielle Marshall, Stevanie Matthews, Hannah Miribiha, Claude Palmer, Ella Palmer, Princess Palmer, Paul Whyte, Cleo Whyte, Conrad Murray, Andrea Robinson, Nick Snook, Sara Snook, Sofia Stephanou 

Brighton Supporting Cast: Ayla Bowes, Sophia Bowes, Jonathan Brown, Norah Brown, Terry Conway, Ian Cunningham, Alastair Irons, Sarah Kearney, Tia Irons LaCorbiniere, Claire Lawrence, Gary Miller, Jessica Miller, Jason Nuttall, Austin Nuttall, Solomon Nuttall, Lisa Sang, Vangee Seymour-Williams, Edith Seymour-Williams, Tim Stephens, Rowan Stephens, Ruth Tansey

Paignton Supporting Cast: Dave Adams, Sophia Walcon-Adams, Erin Walcon, Ian Hoare, Daniel Foy, James Foy, Joe Foy, Nigel Holt, Jemima Holt, Dan Armstrong, Jan Denham, Jade Campbell. With thanks to Mark Bell, Betty-Lou Bell, Charles Uzzell, and Hollie Uzzell who participated in rehearsals.

Gloucester Supporting Cast: Chloë Green, Katy Costigan, Stephen Costigan, Roger Drury, Jack Mullins, Meg Quash, Nicola Bates, Karen Perrins, Honor Hoskins

Ramsgate Supporting Cast: Katie McGarry, Bessie Molyneux, Robert Molyneux, Sergio Steinberga-Cesar, Eddie Steinberga-Cesar, Lee Lickorish, Eva Lickorish, Katie McCullargh, Elizabeth Nichols, Ellie Cunningham, Niamh Houlan, Brian Jones, Robyn Emerson


With thanks to:

Caroline Williams, Jonathan Burrows, Matthias Sperling, Elaine Garfit and Cathy Waller who supported the making of the show. The father-figures, sons and daughters who offered their ideas, stories and best moves in our Research & Development. Conrad Murray who championed and cared-for our first supporting cast.

Our funders and supporters, without whom this show would not have been possible; Arts Council England, Awards for All, The Thistle Trust and Wandsworth Council. Huge thanks to our extremely supportive family and friends and our producers Sophie Drury-Bradey and Rosie Scudder, who have seen us through difficulties and triumphs.

Photos: Zoe Manders, Tim Smith and John Hunter