The Show

Dad Dancing - A show that reclaims fatherly grooves

dad dancing promo

Could you ever be persuaded to take your dance moves to the stage?

Meet three brave dads who agreed to dance with their daughters in a new show. Through a series of touching episodes, they explore father-child relationships through joyous contemporary choreography, playful humour and storytelling. 

Joined by a supporting cast of fathers, sons and daughters of all ages, they fearlessly slip and slide their way through their differences and commonalities to a soundtrack featuring J.S. Bach, Whitney Houston and Pendulum. 

Reclaiming ‘dad dancing’ from the cynics, this dynamic group of performers encourage us all to dance our own dance with joy.

We have had several scratches throughout 2012-14 and are now in the final rehearsals for our Dad Dancing show which will premiere with a three-week run at Battersea Arts Centre from 29th October - 15th November (Weds-Sat)

Visit our blog for insights into our continuing process!