Only Dad’s could come up with these beauties.These are from our dads and our friend’s dads. Add your own in the comment bar below!

“Is it another freebie?” (A job)

“That’s great but why bother if you don’t get any money (and therefore anything) out of it?” (On touring to Japan)

“£100 for a full day? Cleaners get more than that.”

“Any of them paid?”

“Why didn’t you choreograph the Olympic ceremony Cathy?”

“Alex, all the people on XFactor are younger than you”

"What you really need is a Zumba!"


Classic from my dad “I should have just bought a rabbit, it would have
been cheaper” (after working out how much vocational school would cost)

Would you be able to send me the track list for the show? Some great songs were played!

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